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Why AWS certification? - Here are the Top 10 Benefits of AWS Certification

Why AWS Certification

As we all know how difficult it is to achieve the highest position in an organization in this competitive edge, but it is possible when you have exceptional skills like AWS developer, AWS solution architect, DevOps Master.

When you are reading the reason for doing AWS certification, first we need to clear the concept and briefly know about AWS for beginners.

What is AWS?

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform provides on-demand cloud computing services for government projects based on personal use, business usage and paid subscriptions. AWS is a subsidiary of that enables you to use web services to create scalable and sophisticated applications that allow your business to have storage services, development and management tools, analytics services, content delivery management systems, messaging services , Provides facilities such as computing, database management. , App services, payment services, mobile networking and an on-demand workforce.

Why AWS become a God of Cloud Computing?

We all know that Amazon is known for its ability to transform the United States retail market by offering customers cheaper, faster and better services. AWS cloud computing solutions are following the same methods as Amazon, by offering all types of cloud computing services that are more affordable, faster and better than others.

The main 3 features of AWS services are:

  • AWS is economical for organizations.

  • AWS is scalable because it is different from business to business like it is also available for startups, small businesses and big businesses.

  • AWS is much more secure because AWS currently has several data centers that are regularly monitored and strictly maintained, and they tried to keep their database centers as hidden as possible.

Benefits when you get AWS certification

 1. Cloud is the Future of Business Technology:

Now-a-days cloud computing is the technology that every business wants. Why? Because it is economical, faster, advanced with better features than traditional technology. Heavy integration or heavy maintenance is not required. Cloud can give you all the convenience in a single platform.

2. AWS Certification Reasonable and Within Reach:

There are now tons of authentication for cloud computing provided by various vendors, but Amazon is the only one that is lower in certification costs. Although, it is not so easy to become AWS certified, but you should have basic knowledge which is required to pass. The issue for other certifications recognized by various experts is that many candidates quit the current job to pay expensive fees to obtain certifications and attend training, but this for both AWS Developer and AWS Solution Architect certification The issue with Amazon AWS Certification is not to continue your current job. You can pass the exam and the advantage is that you will get promoted in your current company with your desired job role.

As mentioned above, there are two important certifications you need to pursue:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • AWS Developer Associate

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Cbitss Technologies provides online and offline both classes for AWS training in Chandigarh, where training is offered by industry expert trainers who have a lot of experience in their field, they can provide you with real-life examples and case studies.

3. Demanded Skills are always Earning more Money!!! Right?

This does not mean that you can earn the above salary after obtaining certification, it depends entirely on your understanding of AWS and technical skills. AWS certified are earning more than average by acquiring only in-demand skills.

4. AWS Becomes the God of Cloud:

As reported by Gartner, AWS is growing more than 10 times compared to its 14 competitors and their competitors are no small players, they are also well-known names in the cloud computing industry, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform , IBM SoftLayer, Ridspace, and Joynt, while they are busy competing with each other because a software industry Sector aspirant has given you the greatest chance? Yes AWS is expanding and all the big organizations working on AWS, so you need to seize this opportunity and become a certified AWS developer as soon as we all know, the competition in the software industry.

5. New Height to Your Expertise:

If you want to enhance your skills or expertise in the field of cloud computing then "AWS" certification is one of the best options for you. AWS certification will boost your resume and your profile, but for this, you need to have knowledge of AWS as well as practically and once you get your way done by doing initial certification "then" You can go for any other certification or advanced certification in this field.

6. Easy way to enter the top trending AWS community:

When you are certified in AWS, you become eligible to join the AWS LinkedIn community, where you can see and connect with AWS certified professionals around the world who receive AWS certification, and many worldwide programs or AWS invites conferences, launches free study materials, practice exams, live collections technical demos. Announcements to prepare for further AWS projects or certification exams.

Amazon will share the "Amazon Certified Logo" and digital badges to share your expertise when you enter the AWS community.

We all know that the AWS cloud platform is on high demand right now and Destiny is working with 100 customers, so AWS is constantly developing new tools and sharing all the updates in their community to help AWS certified professionals Are.

7. Increase the visibility of your resume:

Many multinational organizations are seeking AWS certified professionals who have taken part in AWS training, so they will be assured that you are following best and ideal practices when applying, so if you are AWS certified then your again Your resume will be used to increase your chances of starting.

8. To get AWS certified qualification is worth:

AWS certified candidates will get high visibility and also preference from their employer. Nowadays organizations are looking for certified professionals because they are accredited with Amazon, so they know best practices. Amazon prioritizes training before the AWS certification exam and in training, you are going to learn different tools, techniques and steps that are able to work on the cloud platform.

9. After AWS Certification become a subject matter expert:

Amazon Web Services has a subject matter program and only AWS certified professionals are eligible for this program. SMEs are responsible for arranging workshops and being an important part of the exam development process.

10. AWS certifications open opportunities for organizations to become AWS partners:

Organizations may be eligible to become AWS partners when organizations have multiple staff members who are AWS certified. After becoming an AWS partner there is access to a large number of resources and training to provide better and advanced solutions or support to its customers with AWS services.



Get Best Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh with its Certified Experts. We Providing Certification & Placement Oriented Cloud Computing and AWS Training. Looking for AWS Training in Chandigarh with Certification? At CBitss Technologies, we offer comprehensive & practical AWS training as well as Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh.

CBitss Providing both online and offline classes from  certified and experienced trainers.


I have done my AWS Training in Chandigarh from CBitss Technologies and its really awesome experience. The course designed very well and easy to understand all the concepts.

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From CBitss I completed Cloud Computing Training in Chandigarh. trainers are very nice They clear my all queries very nicely. Thanks to trainers for their whole efforts.

Gurwinder Singh

I cleared AWS Certification at the first time after completed AWS training in Chandigarh because CBitss provided me all the material which need for examination.


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